Still Life #87


                                  “Freesia Abstract”





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Three Poems – Tariq Luthun


I have seen death 
look like me: bones sprawled
out somewhere between 
hazel-coded grains along 
the beach of the red 
sea’s shore—a palm opened and 
a palm closed— body thick as a fist 
in waning rose-crimson tides.

still, I’ve never known
a law to rewind a bullet
or a bomb, to unwind
a spine too busy wrapped
around grief. and I am told 
how we must learn to speak
with it’s tongue: too mired
        in the end.
	do you read?
	have you heard? 
        I have seen it
all before: the still-growing husk
of mankind’s tomorrow
looks to make itself 
a name. I watch men
who don’t—and do— look like me 
print its face with my mothers’
graves. I’m incoherent
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Still Life #86





CLOSE ENOUGH CITY – Season 2 – Ep. 1


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Why It Matters that Harley Quinn & Joker’s Relationship Is Abusive


Harley Quinn and the Joker’s relationship is abusive. It has been from the beginning, way back in Batman the Animated Series. In her second appearance ever, Joker force-feeds her fish after she tells him she can’t eat it and she throws up. Later in the series Joker gets mad at her for stepping on his joke and he throws her out a window. There is no way to read this any other way. This relationship appears equally toxic in the comics and video games that feature the couple. Joker hits Harley, tries to kill her, insults her and dehumanizes her constantly, then says something sweet the next minute and she believes she’s in love. It’s one of the most honest artistic portrayals of the dynamics of an abusive relationship I’ve ever seen.

In the dumpster fire that is the new Suicide Squad movie, Harley and Joker’s relationship has been edited to appear more progressive and mutually respectful. I say edited because apparently the film was originally written and shot in line with the canon abusive narrative and then because of the studio’s fear of coming across too dark, the movie was re-edited to make Joker seem not so bad. He looks out for her. He tries to save her. He doesn’t try to kill her on camera at any point.
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The Inventory – Hot Rats of Peace


We love these poems by Niina Pollari in the new issue of Powder Keg.

We love this poem by Kailey Tedesco in Flapperhouse.

We love this videogame.

We are pleasantly suprised by this editorial.

We love Chelsea Culmann’s art.

We love this poem by Chris Nealon.

We love these poems by Manuel Arturo Abreu in Poor Claudia.

We love this poem by Su Cho in Thrush.

We love Bernadette Mayer.

We love this poem by Mario Alejandro Ariza in Boaat.

We love you!


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26 Things Emotionally Strong People Do

Man jump

1. Emotionally Strong people are less discouraged by the stresses and discouragements of life than people who aren’t Emotionally Strong people.

2. Emotionally Strong people are able to unemotionally express their emotional needs.

3. Emotionally Strong people don’t focus on the hurdle itself, but on the nourishing Light near and around and on the hurdle.

4. Emotionally strong people eat correctly and exercise the right, and correct way.

5. Emotionally Strong people are able to recover quickly from the emotionally harmful nature of emotional wounds i.e. rejection, failure, or when Whole Foods is out of umeboshi paste.

6. Emotionally strong people get the amount of sleep they need, and understand how to best navigate their own specific and Loving sleep patterns.
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Still Life #85



                                       “Last Week’s Flowers”