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She said that when she sees a landscape
she "people's" it. I do the exact opposite.
I empty all my sightseeing in a vain
hope of being as alone as I feel.
There's a safety in isolation, there is '
also danger, but not the kind I am 
concerned with here, not in this poem.
This is an exercise in discretion
and lies. Honestly, I lie to you,
dear reader. I lie to myself. I must
if ever this poem will be written.
But we are not all liars, or storytellers,
some are guardians of emotional response.

About John W Barrios

John W Barrios is a writer, editor, sometime essayist, and full-time single father living in Portland OR. His poetry collection Here Comes The New Joy was published by University of Hell Press. View all posts by John W Barrios

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