For JyMy’s “Big Ass Head”

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the sleep dont often come

this or that face flickering into and back up
from shadow
rafters and web strung thick

i am watching i see nothing i see everything every minuscule pore gaping sweat and 
songmusic into breathless and here is the thing
nothing here makes sense.

the doctors are thieves
the lovers actors                                                                     tragicomedy breaking open 

against the grey-black shore
the set is a swirling of not yet fully bloomed thoughts
the thoughts themselves                                                                                  many floating 
bits of different coloured paper surging through a black-grey street
and now everything is everywhere

and the treessmell like ocean
and the bricks have given way
and a
lone pair of eyes                                                                                         look up

to realize 
not a lone

we are not alone

we are seen                                                                                                  we are seen                                                                                                  
                                                                                                we are


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