Overstuffed Outlet: A soundtrack for checking out

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Overstuffed Outlet

Electrical itch to check in to check out. Another click is just two more clicks away.

Side A.

1. “Home Computer,” Kraftwerk.
2. “S.I.B. (Swelling Itching Brain,” Devo.
3. “Electricity,” Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark.
4. “Information Age,” Wiley.
5. “It’s Crowded,” Prefuse 73.
6. “The Noise,” Austra.
7. “I Dream of Wires,” Robert Palmer.

Side B

1. “Hazy,” Built to Spill.
2. “Murder Dull Mind,” Amen Dunes.
3. “Litebulb Overkill,” Tuxedomoon.
4. “Wires,” The Moles.
5. “Lonely Boy,” K. Leimer.
6. “Too, Too Much,” Liars.
7. “I’m Not Feeling Human,” Olivia Tremor Control.
8. “Cold Feet,” Lost Lander.

More mixtapery lives here: jackiewestfall.com/mixtapery


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