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I have had this reoccurring dream since I was in high school. It takes place at the house I grew up in. The same thing happens every time and it’s so vivid and frightening to me, I always wake up in a panic. I am sleeping and hear strange noises; I get up and walk down the hall to the kitchen slider door. I open it up to the deck out back and the moon lights up the whole backyard. I see lions, there are a bunch of them and I only have seconds to get back in the house before they get to me. I am 40 now and still have this damned dream!




I have had this reoccurring dream as long as I can remember. I wake up and I am a human and my name is Adam and there are people who love me and some people who don’t and there are things I like and some that I don’t and there is pleasure and pain and joy and sorrow  and everything means so much and then I fall asleep. This is nothing clever. People have been saying this forever:

‘Tis a dream that I in sadness

 Here am bound, the scorn of fate;

 ‘Twas a dream that once a state

 I enjoyed of light and gladness.

 What is life? ‘Tis but a madness.

                What is life? A thing that seems,

 A mirage that falsely gleams,

 Phantom joy, delusive rest,

                Since is life a dream at best,

And even dreams themselves are dreams

from Pedro Calderon De La Barca’s play Life Is a Dream


So is a dream a dream within a dream? All I know is that I am unsure of everything, including the idea that I exist. I am close to sure that I am going to wake from this dream. I am even more convinced that there is more.

Lions, as symbols, as arcana, represent power. This may have been told to you before in different forms: strength, courage, drive, control. A lion’s roar can be heard from five miles away. Have you ever heard something that was too far away to hear? Do you know what I’ going to say next? Have you heard the new Miguel? It’s pretty good.

Miguel just wants the simple things. What do you want? Do want to touch the moon? What is the moon?

The moon has a strange control over us. It creates orders, through which we devise plans and logic. The moon is a source of esoteric wisdom, the transcendent. The moon can be a bridge.

I do not know how to explain psychic powers. I do not know if they exist. What I almost know is that there is more than I can understand. There is another kind of knowledge, and some people can access it.

In your dream the yard is illuminated bright by the moon. This kind of light comes from a low moon, a moon within reach. The moon is reaching for you, showing you the lions outside the safety of your house.

A house is a box for bodies. Step outside. Be more. A glimpse of your gift is reaching out to show you the promise of your strength.

Boxes do feel good. They are agreeable to the pattern recognition drive within us. Some people are excellent at putting things in boxes. Categorizing and compartmentalizing. Managing. Monetizing.

Do you want to be one of these people?

You don’t. You know control is not your friend.

Walk out into the moon’s reach. Be a lion among lions. Trust your intuition. Feed it as your child.

Have this dream in bliss.



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