DMC Anthology Volume 1 – PRE-ORDER!!!

Drunk In A Midnightdmac cover front page-page-001 (2) Choir Volume 1: Welcome To The New Hallelujah

Our first print publication, Drunk In A Midnight Choir Vol. 1: Welcome To The New Hallelujah, is now available for Pre-Order! The book will be available in August 2015, and will ship as soon as the first copies are ready. We are doing our best to have copies ready for the DMC Showcase at NPS Finals in Oakland on August 12. If you would prefer to pick up your copy then, rather than have us ship it, please say so in the Note section on your order form. Order NOW, the cover and shipping price will go up soon!

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The book features works published on the site, plus new works exclusive to the book, from:

Eirean Bradley                                   Sophia Pfaff-Shalmiyev

Tony Brown                                        Katherine Pivoda

Melissa Chandler                               Baruch Porras-Hernandez

Cortney Lamar Charleston              Douglas Powell (Roscoe Burnems)

Robert Delahanty                               Jeremy Radin

Calvin Fantone                                   April Ranger

Mckendy Kils-Aime                           Jess Rizkallah

Lauren Elma Frament                       Oliver Michael Robertson

Todd Gleason                                      Melanie Robinson

Gray                                                      Meggie Royer

Robert Duncan Gray                         Carrie Rudzinski

Heather A                                            Sam Sax

M.E. Hirsh                                           Clint Smith

Joanna Hoffman                                  Sarah Myles Spencer

Jelal Huyler                                           Rob Sturma

William James                                     Adam Tedesco

Robert Lashley                                    Tommy

Chillbear Latrigue                              Kayla Wheeler

Jenny Olsen                                          Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib

Emily O’ Neill                                      Joy Young

Melissa Newman-Evans                   Amie Zimmerman


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