Two Poems – Alexis-Rueal



He likes to fuck me like a bass-line. 
Kisses me with blistering rhythms,
coaxes out low hummed moans
that settle deep into his stomach as he enters me. 
I told him long ago not to treat me like a melody--
I'll lay down for him, 
but I am a song not so easily sung. 
He calls me smooth-groove woman. 
Eases into me slow-like, 
so we can build these harmonies up 
out of layers of lick and flick and bite.
His tongue knows the grain of my fret-board neck. 
His fingers, every chord of my coming. 
I know when he's looking
for staccato hips or legato mouth. 
I know he pants at the scent of guitar oil lust.
I like to fuck him like a bass-line.
Melodies fade after a time, 
but his throated rhythm lingers
long after the song is over. 

The Reveal

Everything should be a party. 
If you want find out, 
let us do it like everyone else does. 
Let’s dine on hor d'oeurves
and sate ourselves on punch,.

Team "Maybe they can use a surrogate":
you take the corner, make a list of pros and cons
for whose egg, whose sperm we should be using. 

Team "At least you can spoil your nephews":
Here is a scavenger hunt list; use it to 
search the house for all the sugared treats
I can feed them before sending them back home.

Team "holistic approach”: Here are some seeds.
Plant those which you think would make me as fertile 
as the ground you dig into. 
If I actually get pregnant, you win.

Team "It's for the best”: Have some chips and salsa.
You'll excuse me if I don't spend much time with you today.
Everything should be a party. 
Let’s find out together my chances of becoming a mother. 
Let us do it like everyone else does. 
Make sure this is filmed. 
Who knows? Maybe it will go viral. 

Beat the pinata. Cut into the cake. Open the box.
Empty. Unfilled. Balloonless. 
Nothing but a barren landscape.
Nothing but endless questions
on when I will have a family of my own.
Nothing but unused baby names,
and "well, maybe you could adopt."
Hollow bodies,
dry cake,
deflated hope.
Thank you for coming.

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