THE INVENTORY – These Links Kill Fascists

bigstockphoto_Internet_Security_98254Let’s face it, The Internet’s where it’s at.

It’s where you are right now. It’s where we are.  It’s frickin’ everywhere. Your grandma is probably even here, trying to find you on Friendster, or more likely she’s “poking” you on LinkedIn, or whatever it is they do over there. What started as a bunch of government engineers trying to build a better Big Brother through packet-switching protocols, is now where we watch our porn, look at baby sloth videos, and argue with pinch-faced, fuckknob trolls about whatever misogynist/racist/downright ignorant garble they feel like spewing this week.

It’s also where we absorb a great deal of our daily news, entertainment, education, and culture. We here at DMC spend a lot of time not only curating the fine work of our contributors, but reading, viewing, and inhaling a veritable bongload of the endless amazing treasures that are scattered out there in the jungle of the InterWebs. We figured it was only right for us to begin sharing some of our favorite gems. We will continue do so, on a weekly (semi-weekly? You know how we are.) basis, until we or you get bored, or until The Donald chokes the Internet to death with his inane fuckery (Even before that happens, like with our favorite bar, we may just stop coming here altogether if that asshole is going to be here every night.)

If you feel like we missed something, or have links you think we should share with the rest of the DMC-verse, send them to us at, c/o The Inventory. Feel free to include any commentary or explanation for why you chose to send them.

This week’s Inventory is curated by Adam Tedesco and Todd Gleason. (It’s all their fault.)
August 21 was Kenny Rogers’ 77th birthday. This video is not only completely amazing, but we were unaware that it was Kenny himself playing that classic bass line. Kenny also believes that this song kept him out of The Country Music Hall of Fame much longer than was necessary (he was finally inducted in 2013).
This is a video of the Tianjin explosion taken from a couple blocks away. We know this is slightly aging news by now, but if you can believe that we are living through a massive explosion in slow motion, (like Adam does), then maybe this video can bring you a moment of transcendence.
A fascinating oral history by the creators of The Series Finale of Six Feet Under, considered by many to be the greatest TV finale of all time.
This is a really beautiful essay on animals, habitat, and relocation.
“Although Hennessy tastes like skating rink toilet water and the third stage of grief, some Black people inexplicably enjoy it and will mix it with everything from orange juice to Frosted Flakes. Have some in your attache, and instantly be their favorite White person.” Some essential advice from Damon Young at Very Smart Brothas.
The new Alien Mouth features work by Choir members Alexandra
Naughton, Dalton Day, and Adam Tedesco.
Everybody knows this story at this point, but here it is straight from the source: Dee Barnes, the woman Dr. Dre brutally attacked at a party in 1991.
Great interview with poet Dorothea Lasky about her latest book, Rome.
Love is hard. And entertaining. And kinda gross. But mostly hilarious.
This poem by Abigail Zimmer in the new Big Lucks is amazing.
Zadie Smith is never less than illuminating.
One Star Yelp reviews of National Parks. Yes, our National Parks suck, and the good people of Yelp are here to tell us all why. For example, the lack of parking in Yosemite, and how the Carlsbad Caverns are pretty much only for people who like caves.
Don Cheadle directing and starring in Miles Davis biopic? Fuck yes.
Poet/Essayist/Lover of Coffee Rich Villar on Diversity, Inclusivity, and Representation Anxiety in the Literary Community, particularly in light of some recent controversies surrounding AWP
Aimee is talking to musicians, but she could really be talking to anybody.
The inimitable Claudia Rankine on Serena Williams and black excellence.
How the film “The End of the Tour” nails the strange intimacy that evolves during a long profile interview.
Shea Serrano reviews this season (this is for episode 3) of “Hard Knocks” on HBO, which focuses on the Houston Texans. Serrano is hardcore Texans fan, so that in itself makes it entertaining, but the team is also comprised of plenty of colorful characters. J.J. Watt alone could star in his own show. But the real gem here is rookie Uzoma Nwachukwu and his wide-eyed love of everything about the NASA Space Center. “Is there water on space?” ON SPACE.


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