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Yes, the internet’s a black hole we’re all going to drown in. But that’s not going to stop you from swimming in it all day, is it?

Here’s some of the best things we found while avoiding eye contact with other humans this week. If you feel like we missed something, or have links you think we should share with the rest of the DMC-verse, send them to us at, c/o The Inventory. Feel free to include any commentary or explanation for why you chose to send them.

This week’s Inventory is curated by Adam Tedesco and Todd Gleason. (It’s all their fault.)

Black Nerd Problems once again tackling one of the most pressing issues of our time: Is Idris Elba in fact “too street” to play James Bond, or is that some weakly veiled bullshit? What about Daniel Craig? After all, he “looks like he might have choked someone out one time when Arsenal lost to Liverpool…” Right?

“Robot That Learns New Words in Real Time Tells Human Creators It Will Keep Them in a People Zoo” is the headline of this article. We are fucked. We are so so fucked.

“Cheney Waits Until the Last Minute to Buy September 11th Gifts” -All time best (worst) Onion article.

Yes, we’re linking to Alien Mouth two weeks in a row. These poems by choir member Kayla Wheeler are just too damn amazing not to.

A renowned linguist has a different take on “internet speak.” Instead of making us dumber, he thinks its making us more empathetic. We’re not sure we agree completely, but it’s an interesting theory.

Sol Lewitt gave some stellar advice to fellow artist and friend Eva Hesse.

One of the most extraordinary voices in poetry offers up new work over at Powder Keg.

Stephen Colbert warms up for the upcoming Late Show debut by reading his favorite Flannery O’ Connor story over at Selected Shorts.

To complement Colbert reading O’ Connor, here’s the lady herself reading the classic “A Good Man is Hard to Find.”

Kathleen Hanna digs into the archives and revisits the old Olympia days. Goddamn time flies…

Feel all the feels of Fred Moten giving you feels from The Feel Trio.

This video is taken from the Carl Sagan series The Humans. There’s nothing we can say about this that isn’t summed up in the video’s top comment:

this video makes me cry every time


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