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I was just skimming that Twee Hipsters Who Choose to Live as Victorians essay on Vox, and then several of the hilariously scathing rebuttals, and found myself typing about it in a comment box on Facebook: “Everyone is stupid all the time.” Which, you know, when it comes to the internet, can easily be true if you let it.  Easily. There is an infinity of stupid out there, right at your fingertips, and it would be all too easy to wallow in 24 hours of day. The sense of superiority it sometimes bestows upon the casual observer is rarely worth the putrid, soul-choking ick that sticks to you for days after, and the overwhelming sense of hopelessness about our entire species that becomes more and more impossible to shake. I mean, I re-posted a Dailycurrant article today, unaware that it was satirical, about Sarah Palin telling Native Americans to “go back to Nativia.” I attached my own seething summary of our nation’s staggering stupidity, and demanded action from my peers to do something about it. A kind friend gently informed me that the article was not actually real, and yes I felt dumb, because I get a good laugh myself out of people who fall for news parodies. So yeah, they got me. The thing is, that shit was way too close to reality! That is exactly the kind of inane shit she would say! Exactly! I mean, when satire and reality are that close to each other, what the fuck are we supposed to do with ourselves? We aren’t going down the tubes, we’re already down there! We suck! What do we do?

Well, I know my solution is to just go after the good shit. Keep at it. Stick with the winners. Don’t go near the cyclone of stupid. “Don’t look at it Marion! Keep your eyes shut!” Instead, read Toni Morrison’s beautiful essay about Primo Levi. Or discover the magic of Clarice Lispector. Or our own Choir members’ beautiful, druggy odes. There is plenty out there to love, to inspire, to make us laugh and think and feel, to give us the strength for another round of slings and arrows.  The following links are just a few selections from the magic and beauty we found out there, swirling in a perfect, divinely crafted maelstrom of ones and zeros.

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-Sincerely, Todd & Adam

Lindy West is a troll-killer and a fighter for justice, but she also writes the goddamn funniest movie reviews ever.

There’s a lot of really good reasons to love First Floor,  but our favorite one is Choir member Sam Sax’s amazing drug sonnets.

Like Lester Burnham said: “It’s hard to stay mad when there’s so much beauty in the world.”

Molly Brodak lays out the dos and don’ts of apologizing in this excellent essay.

Fascinating and important article about one of the pressing issues of our time, asks the question: “Is gentrification a human rights violation?”

Have you read Clarice Lispector? Find out why you should.

Stairs are fucking cool.  Photography is cool. India is so frickin’ cool. This Colossal is cool. This is waaay cool.

“Eating The Colors Of A Lineup Of Words collects for the first time Bernadette Mayer’s early poetry books and places them in chronological order.  Most were published in small editions and unavailable for decades until the Internet age.  One of the books has never before been published.  Dating from 1960 to 1978, when Mayer was between the ages of 15 and 33, these works represent an extraordinary poetic achievement for anyone of any age.”

You need to read this.

Brilliant, beautiful Toni Morrison on brilliant, beautiful Primo Levi

This short piece on the spatiality of consciousness is worth reading over and over for several hours.

Consciousness as matter.


This’ll get you damn close to the stupid black hole, but it’s so brilliant and hilarious and heroic, it’s totally worth it.  Our favorite thing pretty much ever are political pranks, particularly when they are aimed at such viciously small-minded, ignorant fuckwads.

Choirista Shira Erlichman delivers two amazing Odes to Lithium in Prelude.

This is amazing! “Microdosing” psilocybin to fight depression.

Last week a talking Phillip K Dick robot, this week an Arthur C Clarke plot device begins to come to live.

Together, we are slowly remembering the future.

As visions of the future go, Children of Men is an exquisitely crafted masterpiece. Just watch and you will see. Once you have, take a look at this video about what went into creating such a real and terrifying future world.

We thought this was going to be scathing satire, and it started out as such, but the 12-steps of advice are solidly earnest and worth considering on a regular basis. If you read this site, you probably do most of these things already. But it never hurts to say it all out loud. Especially with all the bullshit flying around out there. The infinity of stupid touches the poetry world plenty. Oh, yes it does.

Haunting and beautiful essay about how true it is that we can never go home again.



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