The internet’s a lot like the sky. If you stare long enough everything else goes away. Clouds are like your mind. focus your attention on them and they disappear.

What we’ve got for you here are some good things for staring at, reading, thinking on, losing your mind to for half and hour at a time. Do it before they disappear.

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Not only did choir member Cassandra de Alba absolutely slay for us yesterday here on DMC, but she’s also got new two icy hot poems up on one of our favorite places, Fruita Pulp!

Traci Brimhall’s gorgeous, powerful meditation on death. The whole of this issue of Brevity is fantastic.

A simple thesis- If you don’t like Ewoks, but you still like Star Wars, you understand feminist criticism.

This is a funny article to be in Psychology Today, and I can’t help but feel that when the writer is talking about different punk bands, he’s using extensive “air quotes.” But Steve Albini truly is in a league of his own in the way he approaches business and art, with his equanimity, open-mindedness, and his talent.

“A recent scholarly paper on “microaggressions” uses them to chart the ascendance of a new moral code in American life.”

sarah silverman pushes back against creepy pc culture backlash

Comedy always trumps political correctness, young people don’t know anything, and everyone needs to lighten the fuck up. This has been a prevailing sentiment among old-school (mostly male, mostly white) comedians for aeons, and admittedly, unless it was something extreme a la Michael Richards, we weren’t often keen to argue. A lot of comedians avoid playing colleges for this very reason, but Sarah Silverman has a different take on it– comedians can, and should, “change with the times.”

There are scumbags in Silicon Valley. Corporations would rather protect a violent abuser than risk their IPO. Nothing new here, but important nonetheless.

I had one of these teachers. While teaching “Passage to India”, he likened the ability of the British to rule India to him being able to control a class of 35 of us- by convincing us we had no other choice, and that it was what was best for us. He taught us about the use of detail in writing by creating a fictional scenario where we murdered one of our teachers (this was long before Columbine and school shootings were not on anyone’s radar as an actual occurrence). He taught us Woody Guthrie’s original version of “This Land Is Your Land”, and the how it exposed the crookedness and greed at the heart of the American experience. He revealed the dark histories behind nursery rhymes. He was irreverent and inspiring, and exceedingly generous with his time and his praise, though he had little patience for people who didn’t love words. And he absolutely changed my life.

Jenny Zhang has written one of the best responses to the Michael Derrick Hudson scandal that we have read.

“Isn’t that ignorance not invincibility? It’s irritating, the TED-talk mentality of: “I’m going to fix the world with tech.” Their little microphones and chinos and PowerPoint presentations and “Don’t worry, we’ll all be robots by then! It’ll be fantastic!” No, we won’t. We won’t be robots. And then you realise it’s strange how often you have to buy into the green movement by purchasing something. You realise they all have stuff to sell. “

We could read transcripts of Laurie Anderson’s words all day long.

This is the absolute coolest thing ever. Yeah Science!

“Often the choice has been between staying with the spouse who never comes home, leaves a few dollars on the kitchen counter and tells us to figure out dinner on our own (Democrats), or the abusive ex that will most definitely beat our ass if we stay with them (Republicans).”

You don’t have to be a giant douche to love Goodfellas. Here’s why.

This poem by Aricka Foreman is bone-crushingly good.

“The world has witnessed Syrian refugees throughout the many stages of their journey. And now, the crisis in Europe has prompted the U.S. government to welcome 10,000 Syrians to our shores. The imagination can sometimes fail us when it comes to understanding such a large-scale migration. It is precisely these moments that call upon poetry to help remind us of our shared human experience.”

You should use one of these photos as an object of meditation.

Thank us later.


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