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My good friend Avery sent me the following dream.

Dream 8/23 > 8/24

I have a tooth in my bottom right jaw that sits forward of my other teeth.  It has never bothered me, and my dentists are all good with it.  In my dream, it felt weird.  I pushed on it with my tongue and it moved.  So I pushed harder and it wiggled.  It felt like a loose tooth from when I was younger.  Fascinated, I began to wiggle it, not realizing the implications for losing an adult tooth until too late.  I pushed it out and it popped out of my mouth.  I caught it.  Someone said I should put it back in.  I noticed there was a mirror in front of me, I looked at my mouth and saw the whole, but, I couldn’t figure out which way it went back in… which way was up or which way was down…  I tried putting it back in a few different ways.  Until finally I got it back in, though it was bleeding, and felt very uncomfortable. My partner Amy was lying next to me.  I realized we were both lying on the ground, on some gravel and short tufts of scratchy grass.  I turned to her and asked if it looked ok.  She did not respond, nor make any sign that she had heard me, but continued to lay there, staring out in front of her.  The tooth pinched painfully.  I pushed on it again and removed it once more.  In the now vacant hole I felt something sharp.  I pushed it out with my tongue; it was a folded, used, rusty staple.  I assumed that was the reason for all the blood.  I turned the tooth over.  There was a second one stuck to the bottom, and a few more I hadn’t noticed sticking out of the tooth itself.  I didn’t want to put it back in with all the staples.  I thought I should put the tooth in a cup of milk… as isn’t that what people do when they lose a tooth?  I turned to Amy again and asked how I looked without it.  Again, she didn’t answer, or even look at me.  I looked in the mirror once more and realized I was frothing at the mouth pretty good.  Foaming up quite a bit.  And I could no longer see where the hole in my gum was.  I tried talking some more, to ask Amy what she thought.  I couldn’t talk.  Spittle and frothy foam sprayed from my mouth every time I opened it.



Last night I couldn’t sleep. I lay awake thinking of all the pipes carrying all the waters, the open sewers, the Roman aqueducts across Spain, all the filth of the body, all the filth of the mind, how right we’ve felt about everything and been so wrong. I was wondering what we’re wrong about now. What of our lives will induce terror in the minds of the ageless sexless future humans?

One hundred years ago cocaine addicts were treated with heroin. One hundred years ago psychiatrists pulled out people’s teeth to treat psychological issues. I do think the world is becoming better. Better doesn’t mean more good. Better doesn’t mean better feeling. Better doesn’t mean what the whitegeist deems positive. Better means a more complete realization of actuality.

In actuality I believe there is good reason to find complete disgust in what Henry Miller described as “the complete and bloody machinery of sex”. I think human sexuality is a lot like pulling your own teeth out. Human sexuality is a lot like aphasia. Human sexuality is a lot like rabies. Still, it often consumes us even after these realizations. Still it’s programmed into us as a chief concern.

Many are learning to override this. This is not necessarily noble, but it is real, in that we are not. Sex is part of the trick of believing this is not a dream. Sex is a tactile and emotional hallucination that opens the makerport. It makes us feel real. It blurs the pixels we are projected in. At times it does seem on every level, the reason to and not to live. But remember, we’re dreaming.

A milk tooth makes sense. This is a second level dream slipping into the dream you had within this dream. A milktooth means consider the moon and all it’s telling you. A tooth in milk defies gravity like an equinox egg.

This year Halloween falls on a weekend. Halloween is a time of poltergeists tearing off faces in bathroom mirrors and then tricking you into believing you did it to yourself. Halloween is the time of love and sex masks, which we all wear until we’re tired of sex. Luis Buñuel said that losing his sex drive was a great liberation. We’re heading for what he felt, as a species. A great sexless sea of love.

This does not mean I advise or subscribe to a celibate lifestyle. I know nothing and would never advise anyone of anything, except pizza. I advise everyone to eat pizza tonight. You will need your teeth for this.


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