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As always, if you have something you would like us to link to, send it to us, along with whatever accompanying text or explanation you prefer, “c/o The Inventory.” We post all kinds of links on our Facebook Page as well. So feel free to go there and like us and you will not only get great updates about the site, but also other awesome things happening out in the wild, wild webs.

-Sincerely, Todd & Adam

Choir member Cortney Lamar Charleston has a magnificent poem in the November issue of THRUSH.

Proof that trolling can be an act of generosity.

Crushing poem by Keegan Lester in the new Tinderbox

Kenyatta Jean-Paul Garcia transcends basketball in this poem at Queen Mob’s Tea House

Because this year Halloween falls on a weekend

Because who doesn’t love pink flowers?

DMC editors William James and me, Adam Tedesco, are in this new issue of Dirty Chai.

Before trees there were mushrooms

Three beauties by Sara Sutterlin at Moloko House

Three short works by Oliver Zarandi

Here’s a cool interview with a couple of musicians that have been melting people’s minds for years.

Play this for your trick-or-treaters!


Did we mention that we made a book?

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