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It’s comin’ down out there! So stay inside and read some of the good stuff! We troll them webs so you don’t hafta!

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-Sincerely, Todd & Adam

Bill Simmons interviews President Obama, and unsurprisingly, there is quite a bit of sports talk. In the course of this interview Obama, sharp and cool as ever, compares himself to both Aaron Rogers and Michael Jordan. We won’t argue with ya, Chief.

Great history of the late-70s cult classic flick, The Warriors

Two magnificent poems by Choir member Sam Rush are up on The Offing .

Two excellent articles about the history of ISIS, its unlikely rise to power and prominence in the Middle East, and what its goals really are.

This story is so fascinating and eerie, it kept me up way too late reading. An account of the world’s most extensive successful face transplant.

Patrick DeWitt, Booker Prize Nominee for The Sisters Brothers, has a new book out. and he answers some questions about his writing process.

Sade Murphy works out her amazingness in the new Sink Review.

A great interview with auteur Gaspar Noe about his upcoming film, Love

Anne Theriault doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to taking on the patriarchy in her writing , and she is no stranger to unsolicited hate mail. But she was surprised to find that of her recent posts, this mild send-up of the crew from the show Friends, wherein she catches up n where they are now, a decade on, received some of the harshest backlash. 

We, on the other hand, think it’s hilarious and poignant. Read and weep. And chuckle. And if you don’t like it… keep it to yourself, for fuck’s sake.

“In the airport / the bar / the movie theatre / the grocery store someone looks at you, your face, then your face in the plastic of your card, then the card, then the card, then you are caught in the frame of their looking, sealed between two panes of glass & you don’t know what has caused the moment to harden around you, not this time, but then someone chuckles & lets you pass.”

-Cam Awkward-Rich in The Offing

Here’s a beautiful translation of Dulce María Loynaz by James O’Connor in Guernica.

A poem from Jayson P. Smith in The Offing

“California’s over. Everything I love about this place is going to hell.


Badass Lebanese women say “Fuck You” to ISIS.

Fascinating rise-and-fall history of The Silk Road, an infamous, and now-defunct site on “The Dark Web,” known for selling drugs, weapons, contraband, and other illegal services. The founder, a young libertarian idealist and programming genius, went from creating the site as a bastion of free enterprise to ordering hits on his own partners. This details the special FBI investigation that led to cracking the identity of the internet’s most notorious and dangerous criminal. The end of Part 1 links to Part 2.







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