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We are a serious journal, and thus we implore you to watch this very serious video about serious issues, very seriously, not smiling, thank you very much, and also this one maybe too.

The National Book Critics Circle Awards were given out Thursday. Here they are.

The New Yorker reviews A Woman of Property by Robyn Schiff. This gorgeous poem is where the book title comes from.

This amazing poem by Bianca Stone is from the new Pinwheel.

Great interview with Melissa Broder about Twitter sensation/essay collection So Sad Today.

The new Sundog Lit features great poetry from choir members William James and Mckendy Fils-Aime.

Diving a sunken ship off the coast of Florida netted Jay Miscovish nearly half a billion dollars in emeralds. A few years later, he committed suicide.  The story is in Harper’s.

Enjoy this beautiful video poem by Martha McCollough!

Two incredible poems by Justin Phillip Reed.

Lovely bit of Poeming at VerseDaily by Ada Limon

White supremacy and the new weed economy, at Buzzfeed.

Sarah Jean Alexander slays us with these poems at Metatron.

Fukuyama’s famous “End of History” theory, finally disproved once and for all by the state of American politics? At Vox.

A virtual tour of Yann Martels’ backyard writing studio in Sakatoon, Canada

Just another heart-crushing, beautiful poem from Hieu Minh Nygugen






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