DMC loves hard. Falls fast. Laughs loud. Has been around every block. Knows that the only way to take anything seriously is to not take yourself too seriously. Goes to movies alone. Is fashionably early. Knows you get further with a kind word and a gun than just a kind word. Talks a lotta shit. Marches to a different drummer. Knows there is no drummer. Knows when you’re awake. Is a damn good kisser. Owns way too many books. Remembers your Mom’s name. Owns brass knuckles and loves baseball. Wants to be forgiven. Cooks, but doesn’t eat. Wants to be loved, just like anyone. Once shook the Dalai Lama’s hand. Knows all the words. Loses its place. Is six degrees from Kevin Bacon. Never stands in line. Never says “How high?” Loves long walks on the breach. Has all the answers. Never calls in sick. Dances like everybody is watching. Looks good in black. Doesn’t wear a helmet. Prays for rain. Forgets to breathe. Listens to cassettes. Wants to tell you a secret. Will make it all up to thee…

“Apparent Editor-In-Chief”: Todd Gleason
Poetry Keymaster, Gangster of Love: Amie Zimmerman
Blob Editor/Highly Imposing Man/Wordsmoker Liaison: Chillbear Latrigue
Worpressditigitator: David Sparks


Co-Founder/Curator of Poetic Badassery: Eirean Bradley
Punk-Rawk Loco-Motivator of the Musikal Maestros: William James
Grand Inquisitor: Adam Tedesco
Prettiness Engineer: Melissa Newman-Evans
Ghost in the Machine: Tommy

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