Thanks for thinking of us as a home for your work!

Our format has changed slightly, and we will now be publishing the bulk of our new material in online issues – two a year, going live on May 15 (Spring) and November 15 (Fall).

The open reading period for Spring is February 1 – March 31. Open reading for Fall is August 1 – September 30. Any unsolicited submissions sent outside of these dates will not be read or responded to.

The daily blog will continue. It will be there for more immediate work, relating to current events for example, or for other work that for whatever reason doesn’t fit into one of the issues.

We still accept all kinds of work, from poetry to fiction to essays to mixtapes to videos to rants. We will look at all submissions for both the upcoming issue and blog. If and when we accept your work, we will let you know which place we plan on publishing it.

All submissions go to Please put the genre of your work (if not obvious like “poetry” or “fiction,” try to describe it as best as you can) in the subject line of your email. We will respond as soon as we can, but if you haven’t heard from us, please give us about two weeks after the reading period expires before you inquire after the status of your work.

For written material we prefer .doc files. If your work has very specific or complicated formatting, it helps to send along a .pdf as well, so that we are able to make sure that the .doc file hasn’t been compromised, and are able to get the formatting correct. Pasting into the email is not recommended as the formatting can be easily distorted.

Bios are great, but not necessary with your submission. If and when we accept your work, we will ask for a current bio and a picture.

For poetry, please submit 3-5 poems in a single document, as opposed to separate documents for each poem.

Please only send one submission per reading period.

With rare exceptions, we don’t publish previously published work. If you are sending us previously published work, please let us know where and when it was published. Simultaneous submissions are not only accepted, but encouraged. Of course, if your work is accepted elsewhere, please let us know asap. If we do not accept your work this time, feel free to submit again during a future open reading period.

Thanks and good luck!

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