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Eric emerged on a sweltering June day in the southwest desert of America in the era of long hair hirsute men that sang in high falsettos “Ah ah ah staying alive…”. The contant heat gave him his love of sweat.  The cactus, snakes, spiders and lizards the size of cats taught him the allure of dangerous beauty. His tendency to stare too long at bright things is likely from his formative years burnt by the inescapable sun. Eric also fell in love with curves, smoothness, and the boney presence of the moon in the  night sky …which is still the only time where he can think clearly. He believes that it is his love of curves that has made him miss the sharp turns and long tedious roads that often lead to success; instead his meandering path from Europe to California and finally to Portland Oregon, where he hopes maybe someday that this path will allow him to reach his destination or at least determine one.