Let us bring back the fact the way it was.
unearthed with the pick, examined, rough-textured
to be held in the hand. Now and then cracked open
to reveal crystals. a weight in the palm.
more often just left alone, its true self.
No one questioned the slant of the pick
or threw away the fact. It could not be reburied.
Cigarettes cause cancer, a Boeing 747
airliner holds 57,285 gallons of fuel,
porcupines float, humans are mammals.
Some facts important and some less so.
You could say yes but and provide another fact
that made you look at the first one differently
you could always change the lens but not the eye.
Let us bring back the fact
and put it in the center, dance around it, wave at it, salute it.
Let’s identify liars by making their tongues turn black
in the presence of the inexorable fact.

Janet McCann is an old Texas poet who taught at Texas A&M for close to fifty years; her post recent book is The Crone at the Casino (Lamar Univ. Press, 2014.)