chief’s dream

gumball face machine

weeding through relevance

skeleton balloons and bear gods

reindeer dreams in candyland

here now looking down

rainbow fountain

technicolor post mortem

i am a self taught mixed media painter. ive been supporting myself from my art for the last 12 years. in that time ive created over 4000 paintings. i have taught painting extensively in the us, canada, australia, and mexico. i do not do commercial work. i only take on work where i am free to create as i wish and be myself.

magic does not reveal itself easily. when trying to see the future our eyes must be given time to adjust. to find our true purpose we must ask many questions. we must allow ourselves to become ourselves. preconceived plans lead to preconceived outcomes. to find something new we must move without bounds.

for me painting is finding treasure. the best treasure is unknown. the chaos of volcanoes, the collapse of an avalanche, the weight of an anchor. buoyancy over balance. some locks do not open with keys. freedom comes from belief and choice, and all things are connected.