These panels are excerpted from book in progress, The Mooring Of The Advancing Scrag.
The book started off with one drawing, two figures bound together in a dark room, a woman-cyborg and a man in a rabbit suit.  I did not know what was going to happen next.  It is like an equation or a proof.  At the moment there are over 150 drawings and I am trying to find an exit, an ending.  I am looking for resolution, but a type of resolution that is open ended. At some point the book began to have a mind of its own with only so many paths to go down.  It is that funneling of narrative that is the most challenging for me. My whole being is geared to reject linear narrative in all forms.  I am wired that way. 


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Theodore Holdt has been breathing for over 47 years. He has yet to breathe underwater, it is one of his many life goals, along with becoming an ice snake. In his teen years, after having his brain removed and replaced with a cream sickle, he decided to become an artist. To him, artists were ghosts, because almost every artist he had ever loved was long dead. He would imagine himself in the presence of the ancient masters and they would always end up being a bunch of jerks. Sense then he has discovered that artists can also be alive, but not all of the ones he has met are. Theodore has recently found out that the cream sickle in his brain is melting in conjunction with the polar ice caps and that by painting he can keep them both from defrosting. If you want to help prevent the world from burning you can support him and save the planet by purchasing his artwork.