Khaya ‘Khalypso’ Osborne is an 18 year old poet and actor born in Berkeley, CA and currently residing in Elk Grove. They are the Social Media Manager of Black Napkin Press and Poetry Editor of Cerurove Magazine as well as Culaccino Magazine. Their work centers primarily around charting the complicated existence of being colored and woman and alive—a metaphysical dilemma they wish they could conquer and whose defeat they would whisper the secrets of into Ntozake Shange’s ear. Their work has been published in or is forthcoming in Glass: A Journal of Poetry, Crab Fat Magazine, Calamus Journal, Vending Machine Press, and Black Napkin Press. They will rep South Sac ’til their dying days and live for black celebrities dragging the Kardashians for filth. Follow her on Twitter @KhalypsoThePoet.