Hannah Ingram (she/her) has been teaching in public and private schools in New York and California since 2005. During that time, Hannah has also taught at Teacher’s College as clinical faculty to support student teachers in applying theory to practice in New York City classrooms, and as an adjunct professor at LIU Brooklyn. Hannah is committed to ongoing professional development, organizing and curriculum design around anti-racism, dis/ability studies, and queer studies. Hannah has been writing since she could form letters, and her practice has been built through poetry workshops in college and graduate programs. Hannah’s work has been published in college journals at Clark Honors College at the University of Oregon and The Evergreen State College. Hannah continues to grow in her writing practice by participating in workshops at Brooklyn Poets and started her own workshop group, which has met twice a month for the last year. This year, Hannah was invited to apply for the Queer/Art/ Mentorship fellowship program in poetry. Most importantly, Hannah makes poems with children.